Gambling: A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Gambling can be defined as an activity of putting money or any valuable materials on an event which have uncertain and unpredictable results or outcomes in hope of winning some extra money or any other material. Basically it is a behaviour in which greediness of getting additional materials (that may be in form of money or anything else) overrides onthe mental ability of thinking. This can be legal or illegal depending on the laws made by specific government. In this game, success is unpredictable and outcomes of the events are immediate. There are many forms of gambling but the popular one’s aredice roll and roulette wheel.The parents of gambling are Europe and China.The game has a billion-dollarinternational economy.

Now let’s talk about gambling addiction.We have already discussed about gambling, now let’s discuss about its addiction.

Gambling addiction is a type of impulse control disorder, also known as compulsive gambling. The worst feature of this is that gamblers don’t succeed to control their impulsive habit of gambling. If gambling gives extra benefits, then it can also ruin an individual. It can hurt family members of the gambler and is also responsible for breaking relationships. The most shocking feature of compulsive gamblers is that they keep on gambling whether they are at their up’s or down’s, happy or sad, relaxed or stressed etc. This addiction effects people so much that they set bet even at that time when they are not able to afford it.


Problem gambling is the term that is used when lives of the people are disrupted by their gambling behaviour. If a person is spending long time on gambling without caring losses and other consequences, then one is suffering from problem gambling. “Hidden Illness” is another term used for this addiction. This is because in this case there are no physical symptoms of the addiction and gamblers can go to any extent to hide their gambling.

Reasons for addiction of Gambling

  • While playing gambling, adrenaline hormone is produced which provides excitement.
  • Gambling makes people more social and their fear of shyness and isolation are eliminated.
  • One major factor can be boredom or loneliness.
  • Many people play this to relax from stress.
  • Money problem is one major cause for gambling.

Gambling has an international commercial market. Daily millions of dollar is kept on bet. It can make someone king on the other side it can make any king a beggar. It is played for enjoyment not for being addicted.